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South Africa is an economic power house in Sub- Saharan Africa, it is considered a gateway to the continent. CGS Holdings Pty Ltd is a multi-sectoral investment holding company with interests in selected industries such as manufacturing, property/infrastructure development and minerals. The company is a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor. Our world-view compels us to contribute to the success of others, so we create customised knowledge-building solutions, as well as media and communications platforms to unleash individual, team and enterprise potential.


Build sustainable and competitive capacity in chosen industries to become a leading value-adding woman owned company in its category.


Maximise value creation in portfolio of investments through visionary leadership and management, invest in innovative and sustainable projects based on well researched opportunities.



  • CGS Capacity Building

    CGS Solutions

    Strategy Formulation & Implementation Enterprise Development Knowledge-building Content

  • CGS CGS Rail Investments

    CGS Rail

    Partnerships in rail stock renewal and manufacturing operations to create local production capacity and jobs

  • CGS Production

    CGS Properties

    Urban and peri-urban renewal projects for residential and commercial markets

  • CGS Mineral Explorations

    CGS Minerals

    Investments in mineral resource exploration and beneficiation in SA